93W09 Inducer Motor Replacement

93W09 Inducer Motor Replacement

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Verify this part works with your furnace model number (and revision) below.

Works with these model numbers:

Model number Revision
ML180UH070AP36A-01-AUST 01
ML180UH070AP36A-02-AUST 02
ML180UH070TP36A-01-INTL 01
ML180UH090AP48B-01-AUST 01
ML180UH090AP48B-02-AUST 02
ML180UH090TP48B-01-INTL 01
ML180UH110AP36C-01-AUST 01
ML180UH110AP36C-02-AUST 02
ML180UH110AP60C-01-AUST 01
ML180UH110AP60C-02-AUST 02
ML180UH110TP36C-01-INTL 01
ML180UH110TP60C-01-INTL 01
ML180UH135TP60D-INTL 01 02
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